October 9, 2018

Chinese Folklore and Stories

Chestnut Collecting in Autumn 秋天到拾栗子


Ching Ming Festival:Lau Bong Pays Respect To His Parents 清明節的故事: 劉邦祭拜父母


Chung Yeung Festival 重陽節


Dragon Boat Festival 端午節

Going to the Botanic Gardens 到植物公園去


Grind a Metal Rod into a Needle 鐵杵磨針

Hong Yong Picks a Small Pear 孔融讓梨

Lantern Festival 花燈節 

Let’s Go to the Zoo 一同到動物園去


Making a Cake 做蛋糕


Moon Festival(Mid-Autumn Festival)中秋節


Ngok Fay Devotes Himself To His Country 岳飛䀆忠報國


Sima Guang Broke a Tank to Save his Friend 司馬光破缸救友


The Chinese Zodiacs 十二生肖的故事

The Story of a Filial Piety Child – Wong Herng 孝順的黃香

The Story of Nian 年獸的故事

The Volcanic Island 火山島 

Visiting Auntie Jeanette and Uncle Paul 探訪舅父舅母

Rabbit and the Turtle Race 龜兔賽跑 

Gold axe and silver axe 金斧頭與銀斧頭

Wolf is coming 狼來了 

Little Red Riding Hood 小红帽