School Events 學校活動

Our Chinese Program - 課程大綱

The school curriculum offers 2 educational tracks: Conversational and Literacy. Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 12:30pm during the regular school year from September to June.

The Conversational Track is for students from 4 years old to 14+ years old and focuses on teaching oral communication skills and the recognition of Traditional Chinese characters.


The Literacy Track is for students from 4 years old to 14+ years old and focuses on teaching to read, speak and write in Traditional Chinese characters.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the language curriculum, Newton Cantonese School offers many diverse extracurricular activities.

About Us 關於我們

Cantonese Language School based in Newton, MA
Newton Cantonese School was first opened in 1978.

The goal of the Newton Cantonese School is to teach the Cantonese dialect, reading and writing of the Chinese language, and the Chinese culture. This will enable our students to function more effectively in the bicultural environment they live in. Of equal importance, they will gain an understanding and appreciation of their heritage, its uniqueness and contributions. Consequently, their pride in being Asian Americans will be enhanced. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. (FEIN: 04-2936471)

Newton Cantonese School is a member of the Association of Chinese Schools (ACS) and the New England Association of Chinese Schools (NEACS).


  • Number of Language Tracks

    We offer 2 tracks, Conversational and Literary Tracks

  • Number of Cultural Enrichment Programs

    We offer 6 programs ranging from Kung Fu, Dance to the arts.

  • Number of Faculty

    We have 20 teachers

  • Number of Students

    150 ranging from 4 years to 14+ years old and adults

Student Gallery 學生畫廊

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Testimonials 見證

Fundraising, Donating or Volunteering

Please support our programs throughout the year by contributing in one of the following ways:

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