August 28, 2016




The school curriculum offers 2 educational tracks: Conversational and Literacy. Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 12:30pm during the regular school year from September to June

Conversational Track

The Conversational Track (grades pre-school through 7th grade) focuses on teaching oral Cantonese and the recognition of Chinese characters. This track is suitable for students who do not speak the language or are not very fluent in the language. Students are placed based on the ability to speak Cantonese rather than by age. Dictation and composition are not required. All 7th graders will participate as graduates in the June graduation ceremony.


會話組(學前至七年級)主要講授粵語會話技巧和漢字識別。適合不會說粵語或粵語不流利的學生。 學生以粵語會話程度分班,而不是用年齡分班, 不需要背默和寫作。 完成七年級課程的同學在六月結業禮時可獲畢業証書。

Literacy Track

The Literacy Track (grades pre-school through 8th grade) focuses more on teaching reading and writing the Chinese language. This track is more suitable for students who can already speak the language. The curriculum includes the learning of Chinese vocabulary and sentence structures. Higher grades include doing composition, and journal al. The 8th graders will participate as graduates in the June graduation ceremony.


語文組(學前班到8年級)着重教授閱讀和寫漢字。適合已經會說粵語的學生。課程包括漢字學習和句子結構。 高年級包括作文 和寫日記。完成八年級課程的同學在六月結業禮時可獲畢業証書。

Adult Cantonese

NCS offers two types of Adult Cantonese instruction:

Group Instruction: the group class meets two hours every Saturday. Each lesson will focus on specific topics like travel, the weather, etc.. Students will learn vocabularies, dialogues, tones, and writing stokes.

One on One Instruction: the student is paired with a teacher for an hour every Saturday. The content of the instructions will be based on the student’s need and level of learning.



小組指導: 小組課程每週六開放兩小時。每節課將重點關注旅行,天氣等特定主題。學生將學習詞語,對話,音調和筆畫。

一對一指導 : 學生每週六與老師一對一 上課一小時。課程的內容將基於學生的需求和學習水平。

Extra-Curriculum Activities

In addition to the academic curriculum, Newton Cantonese School offers many diverse extra-curriculum activities to students starting from grade 1. During the extra-curriculum activity period (from 10:45 AM to 11:30 AM), students can sign up and participate in the following activities:


除了學術課程外,紐頓粵語中文學校還提供了許多不同的課外活動給一年級或以上的學生。在課外活動期間(從上午10:45 AM 到 11:30 AM),學生可以報名參加以下活動: