May 15, 2022

Extracurricular Activities Program


In addition to the language classes, Newton Cantonese School offers many diverse extra curricular activities to students starting from age 6. During the extra curricular enrichment period (from 11:45 AM to 12:30 PM or 12:45 PM), students can sign up and participate in the following activities:


  1. Art – Drawing/Sketching/Painting 藝術課班 (Required Age 7+ and drawing supplies) – Class size requires 6 students to hold class,
    This course is for students who enjoy 2D work. The course mainly focuses on basic drawing, painting skills and techniques. We will create artworks from life and imagination at the same time. A variety of media such as graphite drawing pencils, colored pencils, watercolor and maybe acrylic paint will be used in class.
  2. Cultural Activity – Various activities such as Arts & Crafts 兒童手工藝班, Chinese Board Games  (Chess) 中式棋藝班, Chinese Jump Rope 跳繩, etc/ (Required Age 6+)
  3. Chinese Dance 中國舞班 (Required Age 6+ and dance shoes) – Class size requires 10 students to hold class
  4. Chinese Painting 中國畫班 (Required Age 7+ and painting supplies) – Class size requires 6 students to hold class
  5. Crochet & Knitting 手織班 (Required Age 7+ and crochet needle/yarn) – Class size is limited to 10 students
  6. Junior Table Tennis 少年乒乓球班 (Required Age 6 to 8 years old and ping pong paddle) – Class size is limited to 8 students
  7. Martial Arts 武術班 (Required Age 6+)
  8. Table Tennis 乒乓球班 (Required Age 9+ and ping pong paddle) – Class size is limited to 6 students

*Please be advised that due to popularity of certain classes, if your child does not participate in the activity that was picked, we reserve the right to move your child to his/her 2nd activity choice so that another child on the waiting list can participate.