May 15, 2022

Our Faculty and Staff


2022-2023 School Faculty and Staff 學校師資

Conversational Track Teachers 會話組老師

CP Class (formerly Level 1) Peace Hui 楊笑怡
CK Class (formerly Level 2) Karen Li 李嘉韻
N/A (formerly Level 3)
C1 Class (formerly Level 4) Ruby Chow 周麗君
C2 Class (formerly Level 5) Agnes Wong 王謝倩嫻
C3 Class (formerly Level 6) Agnes Wong 王謝倩嫻
C4 Class (formerly Level 7)
C5 Class (formerly Level 8) Ginger Chan 區清塵
C6 Class (formerly Level 9)
C7 Class (formerly Level 10) Sharol Yip 葉飈霜
C8 Class (formerly Level 11)

Literacy Track Teachers 語文組老師

LP Class (formerly Level 1) Peace Hui 楊笑怡
LK (formerly Level 2) Karen Li 李嘉韻
N/A (formerly Level 3)
L1 Class (formerly Level 4) Ruby Chow 周麗君
L2 Class (formerly Level 5) Daisy Wong
L3 Class (formerly Level 6) Janice Chin 陳龔丹旎
L4 Class (formerly Level 7) Nhi Luc 陸瑞義
L5 Class (formerly Level 8) Nhi Luc 陸瑞義
L6 Class (formerly Level 9) Ann Jiang 江雪韵
L7 Class (formerly Level 10) Ann Jiang 江雪韵
L8 Class (formerly Level 11)

Adult Cantonese Track Teachers 成人粤話班

Adult Cantonese Teacher Kent Hu 胡懃源

Tutoring Teachers 補習老師

Tutor Teacher Michelle Chen 陳美英
Tutor Teacher Coty Lee 李關麗梅
Tutor Teacher Linda Lin 林良玉
Tutor Teacher Angel Mok 莫如筠
Tutor Teacher Tammy Wan 尹少燕
Tutor Teacher Sharol Yip 葉飈霜

Extra-Curricular Activity Teachers 課外活動老師

Chinese Martial Arts Teacher Todd Livingstone —-
Anime Drawing Teacher Bosco Leung 梁啟欣

Administrative Staff 校務行政

Teacher Assistant Meki Chan 陳稀雯
Teacher Assistant Shelia Chin 陳慧蘭

NCS Volunteer Board Members and Functions 董事局成員

Board President Bill Lo 羅錦雄 Financial Reviewer and Tax Filing Coordinator
Board Secretary Cindy Yee 李林艾儀 Parent and Newton Community Liaison, Financial Reviewer and Buyer
Board Treasurer Carmen Ng 曾嘉敏 Coordinator for Registration Support, CORI Processing and Budgeting
Board Member Jason Chow 周永權 Newton Community Liaison
Board Member Tat Ng 伍達强 IT/Technical Support and School Photographer
Board Member Bill Yee 李偉儒 Safety and Security Coordinator
Board Member Ping Yee 余玉娉 Information Technology Support and Quizlet Coordinator

NCS Adult Volunteer Staff 義工

Adult Volunteer Sharon Chan 岑小菁 Program Coordinator
Adult Volunteer Karen Li 李嘉韻 Program Coordinator
Adult Volunteer Lillian Lui —- Marketing Coordinator
Adult Volunteer Bill Yee 李偉儒 Safety and Security Coordinator

NCS Student Volunteers 學生義工

Student Volunteer Ben Ko 高琪聰
Student Volunteer