October 9, 2018

Children Poems and Rhymes

A Little Fish 一條小魚


Blow a bubble/ball 吹波波


Five Little Pigs 五隻小豬


I Have A Lot of Clothes 我有衣物多籮籮

I Have A Lot of Stationery 我有文具多籮籮


It’s Pouring 落大雨

Let’s Go to the Zoo 一起走到動物園

Little Tabby Cat 小花貓

Moon Festival 中秋節


Ode To The Goose – Lok Bun-Wong 咏鵝 – 駱賓王


Once Upon a Time 從前有座山


Open the Fridge 打開雪櫃


Open your Hands, Close your Hands 開手合手


Sit in a Line 排排坐

Siu Ming 小明

Spot the Glow-Worm 點蟲蟲

The Lazy Song 懶人歌

The Little Bees 小蜜蜂

The Wind Blows in Autumn 秋風吹

What Can We See On The Farm 睇吓農場有啲乜

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I’m a Little Tea Pot 我是個小茶壺矮又肥