October 9, 2018

Children’s Books 小朋友故事

100層樓的家- A home on the 100th floor


野貓軍團開火車 – An Army of Cats operated a train


野貓軍團壽司店 – An Army of Cats and Sushi Restaurant


野貓軍團愛吃冰 – An Army of Cats loves Ice cream

野貓軍團烤麵包 – An Army of Cats baking bread


野貓軍團飛上天-An Army of Cats fly up to the sky

說100次我愛你 Say 100 times I Love you

過馬路- Crossing the street 

我會自己刷牙 – I can brush my teeth


我會自己去廁所-I can go to toilet by myself


我很害怕 – I am scared


我很生氣- I am angry


不爭吵- Stop Fighting


噠噠噠!爹地超人 Daddy Man

挖土機好神氣 Little Amazing Digger

小火車過鐵橋 Little Train crossing a bridge

電車小叮在哪裡?Where’s “Little Ding” the Tram? 

小汽車過山洞 Cars going into Tunnel

消防車來幫忙 Fire Truck, Come and Help


巴士開來了 A Bus is coming

紅綠燈 真有趣 Traffic lights are interesting

我會說 “謝謝” – Thomas and Friends : I can say Thank you


我會說 “對不起” – Thomas and Friends : I can say Sorry


這是我的 ! – This is mine !


海的另一頭 Over the ocean


小企鵝搭郵輪 – Little Penguins on cruise ship

小企鵝搭飛機 – Little Penguins go on a plane

中秋節 – Mid- Autumn Festival

14 隻老鼠賞月The Family of Fourteen and the Moon

金髮姑娘和三隻熊 - Goldilocks and the three bears

大熱天! Hot Summer Day!


有自信的小白魚 - A confident little white fish

同一個月亮 Under the Same Moon

晚安,月亮 Goodnight moon

端午節 Dragon Boat Festival

棕色的熊,棕色的熊,你看見什麼? Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?